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There are a lot of people that are tired of their phones working inappropriately. They want to upgrade, and it happens several times when your service provider may not do it for you. So, people tend to erase stuff from their phones and install the new OS on their devices. But for that, you need to flash your phone and depending on what mobile you use you will need a relevant flash file. The Micromax flash files essentially help you in flashing your Micromax devices. You can download the flash file and use it with the SP flash tool to get rid of the unwanted OS on your system and install a new one.

Reasons why people flash their devices

1. Upgrading softwareDownload Micromax Flash Files

The reason why people look up to stock firmware and flash files is that they want to upgrade the software. Although most of the manufacturers provide you with the automated process of improving your firmware and even some phones have this feature, there are instances when you cannot have the over-the-air update. So, you got to do it manually, and for that, you may take the Micromax stock ROM, and ROM flashes your phone to install an updated version of the software.

2. Erasing memory

Certain phones will let you reset your phone from the settings by going to the security section and merely set it to factory defaults. But some phones will require password to do so, or there is a lock to which the key is in the hands of your carrier. Therefore, you need to erase everything, and for that, you can use the firmware file. Download Micromax stock files and flash your phone and you will end up resetting it thoroughly.

3. Changing carriers

This is perhaps something that only experts try, and we suggest you not to do it. However, the fact is that flash files are used by pros to unlock the phone and make it provide support for another carrier. There are instances when you will shift from one carrier to the other one, and there are chances that you own a phone which is similar to the model that you need to use your new carrier. So, the experts will try to unlock the settings with flash and bypass it to make the device compatible with your new carrier. However, the chances of success are pretty low, and most of the time they end up disabling a few features as they make it compatible with the new carrier if not making the device completely useless.

4. Erasing OS

Tired of your Micromax operating system and want to experiment with a new one? Well, the flash files are there to help you out. Find a download link to the MM flash files and install them on your phone. Make them work with the sp flash tool and connect them with your phone. You will be able to remove everything from it, including the operating system, and you will end up with a blank slate. From there, you can proceed to install the operating system of your own choice, and it gives you complete control over your phone.

5. Gaining full control

As stated above, you can use the flash files to erase everything from your smart phones completely. So, it leaves you with a chance to install any OS on your device and customise it the way you want it to be. What happens is that you gain complete control of your device. It will stop all the interference from third parties and you will have full control and command over your phone. Moreover, there are specific features that are not accessible or may be blocked by your carrier. So, you can access them and use your device as per your requirements.

Should you flash your phone?

Well, it all comes down to the point where you ask yourself what you should download these Micromax Stock ROM files and proceed with flashing your device? Well, the most common reason why people do it is that they want their phone to be compatible with all the cellular networks. When you are using a device that was obtained from a particular company, you will only be able to use their services on your device. However, as you flash your phone, all the locks are broken because everything is erased from it including the OS and memory which makes it a blank slate. After flashing, you can use your Smartphone with other cellular networks. Some carriers may do it for you upon request, but in some cases, you may have to go to a mobile repair shop and ask him to do the job. Or else, you can save your money and use the flash files for unlocking your device and removing the stock firmware.

What happens when you flash your phones?

Many people ask the question that what will happen if they flash their phones? Perhaps, it’s all depends on the type of flashing you do. There are two primary options for resetting a device namely partial flash and full flash.

Generally, people do a full flash because they want to change the OS on their phone or unlock its capabilities. There are instances when you can upgrade your phone to a newer OS or downgrade it to an older one if you do not like the current operating system running on your Micromax mobile. Moreover, it also provides you with an opportunity to erase the current operating system and install a new one from scratch. However, it can void your warranties.

Dangers associated with flashing a device:

Do note that there are dangers linked with flashing a cell phone and if this is the first time you are doing we suggest you watch through tutorials of flashing a device before you do so. There are times when you will end up losing your information; therefore, it is always good to back it up. It is because you may delete all the data which includes your phone book and calendar. It is not required when you get the automated updates from your service provider, but if you are flashing it manually you must back it all up, or else you may lose your data.

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